Fast Testing & Re-testing Services for Small Businesses

Our award-winning Eye-tracking testing solutions
now available for smaller projects

Your app

You develop for iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android smartphones & tablets

You need an expert review of a strategic use case.

You need insights and key findings within 2 to 3 days.

Your budget is limited.

You are in the process of showing your app to clients or investors.

Full scale user testing in a lab is not an option for now.

Ready for testing with 15-30 users or more ? Visit

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What we do

We identify the major issues for your application users

  • Usability experts test your app with a small sample of real users
  • 10 issues max.
  • Estimation of undiscovered issues and required sample size in order to observe them

We provide you with actionable recommendations

  • Report with screenshots, exec summary, severity rating

You get mobile eye tracking recordings of your app

  • Before experts analyze your app, real users actually test it, following the use case or scenario you provided
  • MET recordings are great tools to convince development team and project owners

Getting started

1. Create a client account with us

2. Define the use case you would like to test

3. Do you have specific questions you would like to ask?

We will include the answers at the end of the report

4. Upload your app

  • If your app is available on iTunes, please provides us link and promotion code if applicable
  • If app is not on iTunes, please follow dev testing procedure for remote testing

5. Pay the service fee

starting at € 3900 (VAT not included)

6. Report, recordings, and answers will be available within 2 to 3 days

Satisfaction guaranteed


test-your-app is a fast expert testing service provided by Matchic Labs

Our service is based on our patented mobile eye-tracking technology and proprietary HCI analysis tools

Matchic Labs works for several sectors such as defense, security, banking, e-administration, e-commerce, online travel industry, telecommunication and online news & media.

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